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I've risen once more.

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I've risen once more.

Post by Token Gay on Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:58 am

Yo, yo, yo, this is Token.

Some of you know me from wayyyyyyyyyyy before as MCA's head administrator, or with other aliases like Masked Phantom Puma, Bloody Lips, Bloody Apple, KazuKai, Zeref, but the most famous alias I have is Kaizer.

If some of you recognize me, then I'll have you know that the Medieval Dictator is officially back to conquer the world!!! Bahahaha


Anyway, it'd be my pleasure to be of acquaintance if you so want to be friends with me, but for now, the paparazzi's callin' and needs me dead :afro: 
Token Gay
Token Gay

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