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Affiliation Request

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Affiliation Request

Post by Token Gay on Tue Oct 15, 2013 3:31 am

Hello, I'm the head administrator of Medieval Chaos Academy. It's been a long while since we last functioned ever since I left the place due to personal reasons, and now that I'm back, I would like to expand my academy's reputation since the former affiliates either died or got burnt to the ground, and I, as the head administrator would like for your academy to take into consideration into affiliating with us:

There are obviously pros and cons into affiliating with us, but let's start of with the pros.


- Complete collaboration in inter-academy activities if you ever wish for us to war against or war for you if you ever get in a turmoil vs other academies
- Sharing of members which may or may not happen depending on the members themselves since we'll be open to it
- Complete advertisement in events, such as announcing what's new with the academy to yoru place and vice-versa
- Complete access to the facilities inside the academy such as the rankings, codes, and you will not be regarded as a visitor unless you say so


- A possibility of dispute among our and your members due to difference/indifference

So, what do you say? Is it possible for you to affiliate with us because it'd be tremendously appreciated. Thank you.

- Kaizer
Token Gay
Token Gay

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