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Priority: When does it happen?

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Priority: When does it happen?

Post by darkdestroyer on Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:29 pm

Fast effects & Timing

Fast effects are card activations and effects with a Spell Speed of 2 or higher, including monster Quick Effects, Quick-Play Spell Cards, and Trap Cards (which includes both activating Trap Cards, and activating the effects of things like Continuous Trap Cards).

Fast effects can be activated by either player – even during their opponent’s turn, as long as the conditions are appropriate. When both players want to activate fast effects at the same time, they are placed on a Chain
Sometimes, it can make a big difference WHO places their fast effect on the Chain first. This guide will help you figure out who, at any point in time, has the chance to activate the next fast effect
When Is the Game State No Longer “Open”?

Whenever either player performs an action, the game state is no longer open

now for the asinment i just told u about prio now i want u to pm me a situation where piro is involved and tell y the chain appens the way id does now some monsters with fast eff timming r monsters that u do not have 2 ativate the eff the eff will happen automaticuly the type of prio tha was hit was eginishion eff monsters such as rabbit

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