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Special Summon a Dimension Slice

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Special Summon a Dimension Slice

Post by Erebus_Knight on Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:23 pm

Hi again, the knight bring you another combo tips for your duel, let's begin

There's a trap card that just banish in the same turn it was set... but how?
Well let's take a look if you don't know which it is

I love the way Grapha is banished.

Well, it is really easy, you Special summoned this turn? just activate it and it will ruin the life of a Wind-up Zenmaines or a Maestroke The Symphony Djinn, just remember: if the special summoned monster is a XYZ monster you can activate it the same turn you set it, otherwise you have to wait.

But hey! it's not that awesome until you use it summoning a Tragoedia or a Battle Fader

Now the combo:

I always use it with my Lightsworn deck, it is useful with Tragoedia like I said, even with Lumina, but I love the Tour guide from the underworld when the opponent have a Lv 4 monster on the other side of the deck, I set the card when both tour guides are successfully summoned, then I special summon a Leviair the Sea Dragon with the tour guides, chain Dimension Slice to banish his monster and special summon it with Leviar now under my control, well, there's a lot of combos with this card, make your own.

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