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KM888 - Lesson Basics

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KM888 - Lesson Basics

Post by KM888 on Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:22 pm

Before Beginner: The Basics.
Hi class. Today we’ll start with the very basic of yugioh. We’ll go over these real quick, cause there isn’t anything easier than this. ALTHOUGH be aware. If you don’t know these things, I’d start studying this if I were you.

Without the basic you’ll never (might be exaggerated) understand the advanced stuff.

The Field
To demonstrate this, I’ve picked the field from DN as an example. It has everything you need to know.

The Zones explained:

Monster Card Zone: This is where you put your monsters when they’re played. You can have up to 5 cards here. There are 3 main ways to position your Monster Cards: face-up Attack Position, face-up Defense Position and face-down Defense Position. Place the card vertically for Attack Position and horizontally for Defense Position.

Spell & Trap Zone: This is where you put Spell and Trap Cards. You can have up to 5 cars here. You place them face-up to activate them, or place them face-down. Because a Spell Card is placed in this zone when it is activated, no further Spell Cards can be used if all 5 spaces are occupied already.

Graveyard: When Monster Cards are destroyed, and when Spell & Trap Cards are used, they’re sent face-up to this space. The contents of both player’s Graveyards are public knowledge, and your opponent can look through yours at any time during the Duel. The order of the cards in your Graveyard should not be changed.

Banish Pile: Sometimes cards get “banished” or “removed from play” instead of being send to the Graveyard, or get banished while they are in the Graveyard. Those cards are mostly send face-up to this space, but can also be sent there face-down by an effect. The contents of both player’s Banish Piles are public knowledge, and your opponent can look through yours at any time during the Duel (except for the cards which are face-down). The order of the cards in your Banish Pile should not be changed.

Deck Zone: Your Deck is placed face-down in this space. Players draw cards from here to their hands. If a card effect requires you to reveal cards from your Deck, or look through it, shuffle it and put it back in this space after resolving the effect (except when specified otherwise).

Field Card Zone: Special Spell Cards called Field Spell Cards are placed here. Only 1 Field Spell Card can be active at a time. Whenever a new Field Spell Card is activated, the previous one is automatically destroyed. Field Spell Cards do not count towards the 5-card limit of your Spell & Trap Zone.

Extra Deck Zone: Place your Extra Deck face-down in this space. You can look at the cards in your Extra Deck during the game.

Game cards:

There is a total of 8 types of cards. Normal Monsters (also known as Vanilla’s), Effect Monsters, Ritual Monsters, Synchro Monsters, Xyz Monsters, Fusion Monsters, Spell Cards and Trap Cards. Here’s an example of each one.

Each of these cards have their own specific way of “how to be played”. These settings should be widely known. Anything related to these cards will come later.

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