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johners12345's Test Results

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johners12345's Test Results

Post by Guest on Sun May 05, 2013 12:32 am


3 Duels with a single deck (Siding allowed)
Duel: 0/18 (6 per win)
Sabers vs. a big mash

Deck Count: 0/5 (+5 for 40-42, +3 for 43-44, +0 for 45+)
Had 60 cards

Skill: 15/30 (10 per Duel)
Still has a lot to learn in the ways of dueling and deck-making.

Siding: 10/10
Had a side deck and used it. Not sure what was sided though.

General mistakes: 9/15 (-3 for each)
A few things went wrong, but nothing TOO bad.

Creativity: 12/18
Using a lot of cards that hardly ever see action, but still has some OU cards.

Sportsmanship: 4/4
Very polite and never got frustrated or anything.

Total: 50/100

Welcome to Slifer Red! You’re a fun person to duel, but you still need some work when it comes to the important stuff.

0-65 Slifer Red 


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Re: johners12345's Test Results

Post by Mr.Alexio on Sun May 05, 2013 6:31 pm

i'm breaking my no posting in a results rule, but you need to be more explanatory(if at all possible)with the skill and in siding you need to find out what they sided >.< otherwise they could have been worthless shit, coulda sided a d-prison out for another d-prison ya dig. general mistakes you should put some of the mistakes. no need to reply I dislike posting on a results page >.<
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