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Team Exoskeleton vs Team Prophets of Flames

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Team Exoskeleton vs Team Prophets of Flames Empty Team Exoskeleton vs Team Prophets of Flames

Post by TerrorKing on Sun May 12, 2013 11:52 pm

Team Exoskeleton: (Total 6)
Shadow5598 (Hearts 2)
Yburrrr (Hearts 1)
Dark Destroyer (Hearts 1)
DBZ (Hearts 2)

Team Prophets of Flames: (Total 11)
Homunculus93 (Hearts 3)
Death The Knight (Hearts 3)
Bigheadpops1 (Hearts 2)
Dragon Valentine (Hearts 3)

Banned decks: View testing banlist

Banned cards: none

In this war both teams start out with 10 hearts. Each duel will be spontaneous but you can not duel someone that has dueled once already till everyone has gone. The loser of this duel will lose 1 heart and the heart will be placed in the other teams hearts. If you lose all of your hearts you are out of the war. The first team to 20 hearts wins. The winning team shall receive points and the top 3 duelists of the winning team will receive free decks from my or Dark Destroyer's deck shops. The top duelist will be able to choose between 300 points and a free deck or 200 points and one of the most expensive decks in the shops for free. Duel well and have fun.

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