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[GAME] Rap Battle

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[GAME] Rap Battle

Post by Kzoki on Sat May 18, 2013 10:58 pm

1. Rap to the above user
2. actually try dont post 2 lines then post
3. Its all freestyle

Example:Above users name is "AnimeMaster"
You post..... O look its the anime master
but you all know I rap faster
How you gonna rap against this
When Me and my army hates the list
You'll be good at rapping someday bro
but for now just keep playing yugioh
its make so much sense
because my rapping is so intense
Thats all for now
thats all you got? WOW

alright I say
Obelisk Blue Leader
Obelisk Blue Leader

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Post by BaconPancake on Sun May 19, 2013 12:38 pm

Kzoki Kzoki Kzoki step back bro. Ok Here we go...

You're 'bout to witness me be absolutely flawless.
The best kind you'll ever see, I'm being honest.
I'm the hardest, the most purest, known artist.
Now I can't play like I rap but my decks are of the smartest.
So why don't you just stop now before you get hurt.
Oh that's right you brought this pain upon yourself.
So when i knock you down please stay in the dirt.
There is no need to inconvenience oneself.
Because ee in rap battling i'm the King of Games....
I got enough rhymes to go on for years.
But if I don’t stop now, you’re gonna be in tears.
Word. *Drops mic*

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Re: [GAME] Rap Battle

Post by *Jaden Yuki* on Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:55 am

sounds like intake..
of an suv..
good thing i dont have hiv..
i know this doesnt rhyme..
But im absolutely flawless!

I win !


*Jaden Yuki*
*Jaden Yuki*
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Head Admin

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Re: [GAME] Rap Battle

Post by Sponsored content

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