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Allenby's Dorm Room

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Allenby's Dorm Room

Post by Dita on Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:09 pm

Room Layout:

A huge desk where I work on my computer, art, dueling decks, and where I have fun play my keyboard, resides on the left wall.

A book self with all my fave books (poetry, philosphy, art, etc.), manga, anime, magazines, etc, next to the desk.

A small simple TV, with a sega genesis, a wii, a N64, a gamecube, a atari, a PS2, a regular nintendo, and a super nintendo, and 2 VCR's, with a wonderful pioneer stereo sound system resides near the door on a big wall unit.

A bed in the opposite corner for napping, with a little table nearby to set things on.

A couch, which also folds out into a bed for guests, resides in front of the wall unit, with a sturdy coffee table.

And in the right left corner resides a small kitchen with a small gas stove, an oven, two simple wood overhead cabinents, and a refrierator.

== === ==

*walks into my new well lit room and over looks it, and sees it how it is, then goes to her desk, to write this post on one of her fave fourms NDA, then goes and a CPU Game*
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