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the whole reason i am here?

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the whole reason i am here? Empty the whole reason i am here?

Post by Chaos king on Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:52 pm

I am here because i am the leader of the cfv division with that being said i wasnt appointed here to duel even though ive had alot of fun dueling each of you.i am here just for cfv and to help people if they need help, to enforce the rules if needed. with all of that being said i will rarely duel but i still will duel but im only here for all the cfv players..... if any of you are interested in cfv wanting to learn have questions im here for you guys im also here for yugioh rulings as well if needed

if you all are interested in playing cfv agianst me i know where you can download it ill be more then happy to teach you the controls, if you all want to get into the anime itself and then learn to play btw if you start the series give it to episode 6 to judge it.

this is the dubbed version of episode 1

this is the subbed version of episode 1 part 1 part 2

Chaos king

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