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me vs (flare)FortuneLady<3

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me vs (flare)FortuneLady<3 Empty me vs (flare)FortuneLady<3

Post by jakespro on Sat Feb 22, 2014 7:22 pm

I Used photons VS noble c swarm

Number of Cards 2/2

Deck Construction: 5/6 the deck was a great build and was fast paced

Concentration: 8/8 During the duel, I didn't see no mistakes

Combos:2/4 great combos with full armord crystal zero lancer

Good use of cards: 7/9
I didn't see much of your cards but I know it was a good use of cards

Control of Duel: 6/7
you always had control of my xyz and returning my cards to my hand


Skills Total: 12/16

Rulings: (take a point away for each mistake made) 7/8
I wasn't sure about number 19 freezadon

Result of the match: 6/6

2-0 testee vs tester 6/6
2-1 testee vs tester 4/6
0-2 testee vs tester 0/6
1-2 Testee vs Tester 2/6
2/3 Match Ups

obelisk blue
total 48 points


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me vs (flare)FortuneLady<3 Empty Re: me vs (flare)FortuneLady<3

Post by (Flare)FortuneLady<3 on Sat Feb 22, 2014 7:24 pm

number 20* freezadon was normally for full armored


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