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underrated decks for this format

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underrated decks for this format Empty underrated decks for this format

Post by darkdestroyer on Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:35 am

ok the main decks this format are shadolls and nekroz both very powerful both also have flaws and cant deal with every situation so two decks I will be playing not just for price but fun and competive
1st heiratics
ive always been a dragon player and I love the deck and when played right u can beat the top teir decks
I 2-0 a shadoll player bc I went off then summoned Koa'ki Meiru drago and wasn't able to come back same thing with nekroz I put 1 monster on board then flipped vanitys on his turn then otk the next turn.
2nd kmp most people don't know wat this deck is the full name is karakuri machina plant it is very explosive and can grind out games and has easy access to beast and barkion both heros and nekroz kinda lose to beast then if u have vanitys its gg plus one thing to note they don't have much of a side when it comes to these decks so that is another advantage

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