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Tele-Naturia's Empty Tele-Naturia's

Post by KM888 on Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:25 pm

Hey guys. While dueling lucky678 today, i learned about the fact that he wanted to change his Naturia deck a bit.

Then I thought, lets make 1 myself. You never know if the deck is fun to use ^_^

While making, I made a little mix of the popular psychic engine and a Naturia engine.
This is the deck. Made today, and maybe in need of some help.

I'm wondering if there isn't a better Naturia than Naturia white oak ??

Tele-Naturia's Jo0ONNl

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Tele-Naturia's Empty Re: Tele-Naturia's

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:22 pm

Marron isn't useful enough to run at 3, and I personally think it isn't even worth using. The draw power isn't needed (especially with the Tele part) and you would be better off with something like Cherries (ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF NATURIA). White Oak isn't useful at all, and you would be better off running the Spore engine (Spore, Dandy, Lonefire; Not needed if you decide to put in cherries, but still good) or even Pumpkin (Amazing with Cherries; Instant Beast). Cactus Bouncer is also decent.

Bamboo Shoot doesn't play well at 1, and I suggest running the two Solemns over Mirror and 1 bth. They give the deck more flexability, and since you've got 2 TT, that second BTH isn't as important. Fiendish Chain and Safe Zone are amazing with Naturia.

Volcan should be played over Gaia. Way more useful. And if you're gonna run Exterio, then you will probably want more than 1 copy each of Beast and Barkion. Banishing is all the rage these days.


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