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Post by *Jaden Yuki* on Sat Mar 23, 2013 1:31 am

Welcome to NDA, I am Jaden Yuki, your Head Master. Here are some basic rules that you will need to see: ( BASIC RULES). After reading these rules you will need to go and introduce yourself: ( INTRODUCTIONS). The only other time you will need to go to there is when you’re leaving the academy. Our main goal here at NDA is to help you grow as a person and as a duelist. To do this we will be placing you in dorms. These dorms are: ( SLIFER RED), (RA YELLOW), and  (OBELISK BLUE). To be placed in a dorm you will be you will be tested. For these tests we use this rubric: (TESTING RUBRIC). Please study this and when you’re ready to test you can request a test at the Testers Office: (TESTERS OFFICE) or wait for a tester to be online, and they will be colored orange. However, there are certain decks that we do not allow in these tests. These following decks will not be allowed by the testee or the tester in the test: (RESTRICTED DECKS). After your test you will be placed in one of the three dorms depending on your score during the test. The other dorm that we have is the (ABANDONED PURPLE DORM); this dorm is an invite only dorm. You CAN NOT test into this dorm. Only the best of the best get into this dorm. The classroom (CLASSROOM),  is where you will learn to become a better duelist, get help with your decks (DECK WORKSHOP), learn new strategies and combos, (STRATEGIES AND COMBOS), have discussions on TCG and OCG cards (CARD DISCUSSION) brush up/learn new card rulings, (   RULINGS)  and if you have any questions please go to visit here (  CARD QUESTIONS). The battlefield is a place where you can go and gain points for dueling other members. This is done in the Arena Duels (ARENA DUELS); or you can go to the Shadow duels to wager your points ( SHADOW ARENA). In the Tag Duel Arena you are able to team up with another member of NDA on ygopro/devpro to gain NDA points, (TAG DUEL ARENA). The events page is where you are able to post tournaments and other events that are not NDA official, (EVENTS). At the shopping district you can use your NDA points that you have earned to buy decks, pictures, and other items from the staff of this site, (SHOPS). In OTHER you can post and discuss Anime, (ANIME), that you and other members of NDA like to watch, view, and give people ideas of what Anime to check out. On Off Topic you can post whatever you would like as long as it is appropriate for the site (OFF TOPIC). I hope you enjoy your stay here at the academy and I look forward to seeing your progress as a duelist.
*Jaden Yuki*
*Jaden Yuki*
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Head Admin

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