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my own team...

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my own team... Empty my own team...

Post by angryduelingnerd3 on Thu May 16, 2013 11:56 pm

I want to have my own team, and it would be called
(THCO) meaning TouHou CrossOver anyone that wants to join can
you just need to got threw my "7 Dream Wars" duel
it is a 7 duels long test but you must play with 7 decks, but you can not use meta (Exodia is an exepection) and you can not OTK and can not use stalh decks (you may still use marshmallon for a deck like zombie-sworn) and you much win 5/7 duels I play with 7 decks if you pass my test (Scored out of 100 and must be taken when you are tested on a retest or first exam but you must score 72 points or higher on your dorm test to join)
PM me on DN if interested

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