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Undeadz93 Introduction

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Undeadz93 Introduction

Post by Undeadz93 on Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:09 am

Hello Everybody, I am Undeadz93 or Undeadz if you want it to be shorter or a nickname.

I am an average duelist that like to make decks more for a fun purpose instead of for a competitive purpose. This makes me kind of make a big flaw in most of my decks that will get seen quite easily. I do hope that everyone likes me here because that will be awesome. I have also set up the Duel Tower which is a gaunlet like event that you will duel my 25 decks I crafted. That will be tons of fun as it puts your deck to the test.


(P.S. If you sneezed while reading this then bless you and good bye) Also if you get that reference you are Awesome!!!!!

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