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Post by *Jaden Yuki* on Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:53 am

What you must do to become a tester. It will cost 300 NDA points to test.

You must know rulings. Must be Ra Yellow or above. Be active.

First: You will be put through a mock test. Which is a fake test to test your testing abilities.
you will test an admin or a a tester. The Head Tester or myself Must supervise the whole test. Then you will pm the results to whoever supervised your test. And The Head Tester or myself will determine if you are qualified for the job. You cannot commit more than 5 errors on the test, or the test will be over. and you have to wait 2 weeks to retest.

Tester Test Jadenyuki_zpsb32bdb45
Tester Test Jaden3_zps77582a3a
*Jaden Yuki*
*Jaden Yuki*
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Head Admin

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