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Arena Duels vs Tester/Dorm Leaders/Teacher

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Arena Duels vs Tester/Dorm Leaders/Teacher Empty Arena Duels vs Tester/Dorm Leaders/Teacher

Post by *Jaden Yuki* on Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:29 am

Arena Duels against Testers and Dorm leaders are Different(point wise)
IF they Tester or Dorm leader wins against the challenger(normal student) They do not get any points(because they get paid weekly)

If you beat a Tester or Dorm Leader you get 100 NDA points

If a Tester/Dorm Leader goes against a Dorm Leader/Tester
they only get half of what Normal people would get.

So they would get 50 NDA points.
*Jaden Yuki*
*Jaden Yuki*
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