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Welcome to NDA! Basic Rules

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Welcome to NDA! Basic Rules Empty Welcome to NDA! Basic Rules

Post by *Jaden Yuki* on Sat Mar 23, 2013 12:48 am

Hello guys, This is your Headmaster Speaking,
i want yall's stay to be as pleasent as possible. There will be no bullying, no fighting, if yall have issues take them somewhere else, no inaproppriate stuff. u know, basic rules.

1) Don’t make unecessary posts.
1.1) Don’t make replies with only 1 or 2 words (I.E. wtf?, LoL etc). This will counted as spam
1.2) Don’t insult other members in your posts.
1.3) Double posting isnt allowed
1.4) Posting Adult content is forbidden.
1.5) Bad language isnt allowed.
2) Show respect for Staff AND other members.
3) Advertising via Posts and PM is strictly forbidden. Although you can Advertise in your Signature.
4) Backseat modding isn’t allowed (If you notice that something is not right you can PM a staff member about it).

ChatBox Rules and pop up chat Rules:
1) Bad language is forbidden.
2) Don’t post adult content.
3) Avoid arguments with other members.
4) Dont post huge pictures(Which make chat scrolly)
5) Advertising is forbidden.
6) Don’t disrespect Staff and other Members.
7) You MAY NOT post external images into the Chatbox.

i will try to be on as much as possible. via computer or phone but i will try, but ofcourse there are some days i cant help missing. But while im not online, My Admins, head tester and Dorm Leaders are incharge. Anyone with @ symbol on their name. IF they abuse their power. let me know.

Testers Test are only for Blue students and above.

What is the hall of fame ?
How do i get into it ?
The Hall of Fame is where students will go down in history.
Winners of NDA Hosted tournaments and
NDA hosted Role-Plays.

Sadly you will have a homework assignment every week.
It will be Posted by you're Dorm Leader. You will have to the end of the week to turn it in. If you turn it in. you get NDA Points. IF you failed to do it. you will get an F, no NDA points.

You will have exams Every month and a Final Exams Every 6 months and will have stuff from past homework or past exams.

You need to be tested if you haven't already. This test will determine what dorm you are put in.

This is just some basic info. For more detailed information go to the
New Student Guide.

*Jaden Yuki*
*Jaden Yuki*
Head Admin
Head Admin

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